MCHS Forms

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Improving student mental health and academic performance:

To improve student mental health and academic performance, MCHS will implement a new cellphone policy beginning in August 2019.  We are currently testing the policy during spring semester 2019.  Find more information on the following articles.

Dopamine, Smartphones & You

Phone Addiction is Real, and So are It's Mental Health Risks

Are Smartphones Causing More Teen Suicides?



MCHS has implemented a "no tolerance" policy in regard to student vaping.

As a safety precaution, Madison Central High School has implemented a "no tolerance" policy in regard to student vaping.  Find information in the following articles relating to teen use of e-cigarettes and the associated dangers.

Teen Vaping What You Need to Know

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-Cigarettes

Know the Risks: E-Cigarettes

Acceptable Use Policy

Explanation of the AUP for staff and students.


AUP to sign for Internet & Email

This form MUST be completed before you can have internet access at MCHS.


Educational Enhancement Form


Madison County School District Student Enrollment Form

School Enrollment Form:  Fill out this form to enroll in any Madison County Schools.


Parking Rules and Regulations


Poster Maker

Madison Central has a poster/banner maker.  You may fill out the poster invoice with as much information as possible.  Your picture file needs to be saved in one of the following formats bmp, jpg, tif, or
?mf.  One week notice is appreciated. 


Publication Consent Form


SBDM Parent Council Member Nomination Form