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Photo of Kingston logo                             STLP logo with green yellow red and blue overlapping circles

Digital Photo - Manipulated Image - Digital Music - Digital Art

Technical Writing -  Graphic Design - ePublishing


Red digital photo

Photo of a sunset in Georgia over a body of water

Sunset in Georgia

By: Rachel B.
"I was on a boat in Georgia with my family while we were
on vacation. I was taking pictures of the water from the boat
when I saw the sunset. I loved the way it looked, so I took a
few pictures of the sunset with my iPod. This was my favorite."

Photo of a sunset with broken clouds and yellow pink and blue colors

The Sunset Colors

By: Vinny K.
"I was outside when the sun was setting and loved the colors that I saw. I ran inside
and got my cell phone to snap a few pictures. I love this one because the clouds
and colors of the setting sun are so unique."
Red manipulated image text

Photo of cows in snow with a white fence and next to a barn

Original Photo

Black and white photo of cows in snow with a fence and next to a barn

Manipulated Photo

Herefords in Winter

By: Emma B.
"When the snowstorm hit our farm, I went walking around looking for the perfect picture to take for STLP. I loved the way our cows looked standing in the lot next to the barn. I took this picture with a professional camera that a family friend has."

Process for editing photos

1. Take the photograph with a camera of your choice.
2. Use a photo editing program such as Photoshop to make any changes you like. I chose to set a filter to black and white for my picture. I really like everything else about the image and didn't want to change anything about it.
3. Enjoy your work!


Photo of a snowy farm gate leaning against a tree and old wagon wheels
Black and white image of a snowy farm gate leaning against a tree and old wagon wheels
By: Kierstin O.
"I went on a nature walk during the ice storm and found this scene of old wagon wheels with a gate set up against it. I knew it would make a perfect picture. I used a professional camera that I borrowed from a friend to snap the original photo."

Process for editing images

1. Find a scene that you like and snap a photo of it.
2. Upload your pictures onto a device with photo editing software.
3. I used Photohsop overlay a black and white filter for this image.
4. Enjoy your beautiful picture!
Red Digital Music   
Music notes
My Awesome Song
By: Vinny K.
"I used GarageBand on my iPad to make this. I used over 20 instruments to make a clip that was about 19 seconds long. Then I used Audacity to loop the music so that it played for close to one minute."
Red technical writing
Blue logo with an S for scheduling
Scheduling the Lab
By: Olivia M.
"My STLP coordinator asked me to help her create a tutorial for teachers so they would know how to schedule times in the computer lab. I used the snipping tool on my desktop to grab out the part of the screen that I wanted the teachers to see. I then pasted them into work and added in boxes with outlines and arrows to draw the teachers attention to the parts they needed to see. Mrs. Poole gave me the information they needed to know and I put it all together for her."
Red Digital Art  

Blue Kingston STLP artwork with yellow and orange letters

By: Levi P.
"I played around on GrafitiCreator.com one afternoon during STLP. Mrs. Poole said she would like to have a logo for the group, so I played around with the different options on the website until I found one I liked the best."

Kingston shirt design: Technology opens the door to the world

By: Kierstin O.
"Our STLP team wanted shirts so we could all stand out and wear them together. We decided on a saying as a group and I used Word to type in the saying. I used several different fonts and played around with the placement until I found a design that I liked best. I submitted this design to Mrs. Poole and we are now going to be using this as our t-shirt design!"
Red graphic design

Sunset photo for looking through

By: Olivia M.
"I found a stock image online that I like. I copied the image and pasted it into Paint. I then found a quote that I thought went well with the image. I used the text feature of Paint to include that above the image."
Red ePublishing
Blue, green, red and yello buttons created by STLP students for rewards
Rewards for Everyone
By: Brooklyn White
"Our STLP group has a button maker. We knew that we wanted to create incentives for all students across the building. I have wached Mrs. Poole create the button design several times. We came up with a list of rewards for the students and I worked with the template in Word to create the button designs. I made the polka dot pattern on Word using shapes and changed the color for the backgrounds of the different buttons. I used two different fonts to create the designs."