COVID-19: Staying Healthy and Safe

Last Updated: 3/12/2020 9:25 PM

UPDATE March 12, 2020:

Following Gov. Andy Beshear’s press conference this evening, Madison County Schools is announcing its closure beginning Monday, March 16, through the end of spring break on Friday, April 10. Our plan does include use of our NTI program for students during the time we are closed. Following a meeting with the Commissioner of Education tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., Superintendent Gilliam will be providing families, students, and staff with more specific details of our plans for the closure. Please visit the district’s social media pages, website, and watch for e-mail updates beginning tomorrow afternoon. We realize there will be many questions following this announcement. We will answer as many of those questions as we can beginning tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you also for your support.



Madison County Schools is working to maintain the most current information and guidance regarding COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus. We remain in constant contact with the Madison County Health Department and state health officials to ensure that we are taking all necessary steps to protect our students and our staff. 


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What you need to know:

  • Cleaning -- Custodians are fully sanitizing buildings each day. Throughout the day, custodians are disinfecting common surfaces regularly. The transportation department is disinfecting buses regularly. 
  • Students -- Staff are working with students to provide time for proper hand washing and hand sanitizing throughout the day. Students are encouraged to wash their hands before eating. Students are encouraged not to share things like pencils and notebooks. Students are also reminded to sneeze or cough on their sleeve and not their hands.
  • Parents -- Parents and guardians can help too by encouraging students to wash their hand regularly at school and at home. Parents and guardians can also help by reminding students of the importance of sneezing and coughing onto their sleeve instead of their hands. Washing jackets, coats, and backpacks regularly can also help stop the spread of illnesses like COVID-19.
  • NTI -- We are fortunate to be able to utilize non-traditional instruction for our students. This year, we have used only 3 NTI days. We are allowed as many as 10 in a school year. If we are advised by health officials that closing school is necessary, we could certainly implement our remaining NTI days. 
  • Closing -- Until we are advised by health officials that it is necessary, we will continue with our regular schedule. This includes regular school days as well as activities, meetings, and events. If changes are to be made, parents and guardians will be notified by phone, text, and/or e-mail as well as through social media and the district's website. 


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It is of utmost importance that we all work together to stay healthy and safe. It is best to remain calm and informed through viable sources.

Good resources:


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From Dr. Gilliam

MCS Community, 


Recently there has been increasing concern about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Its potential impact on communities across our country has garnered national media attention. The district has made efforts to stay informed about the spread of COVID-19. Our best practice in the case of any health risk is to follow the advice and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and our state and local health officials.


I would like to update you on our understanding of and response to the coronavirus concern. As the ability to test patients increases, we know the number of confirmed cases in our state will increase and we know that there will likely be cases in our own community. 


Madison County Schools will continue our daily cleaning and sanitizing routines in each building, which are aligned with the recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control for prevention of any respiratory virus. These include: 

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; 

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; 

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick; 

  • Stay home when you are sick;

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or use a tissue and place it immediately in the trash; and  

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


If a student or staff member shows respiratory symptoms, our school nurses will follow our standard practices and work with the Madison County Health Department.


More information on the coronavirus is available at:  or


Thank you for your continued support. 




David Gilliam


Madison County Schools