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Collage of students in classrooms

Over the years the keeping of these records has gone from paper and pencil to electronically keep records. The KYSIS, Kentucky Student Information System, used currently is a state-wide system that not only maintains the attendance records but also student’s schedules, grades, transcripts, immunizations, and behavior.

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Advance Placement in Primary

Attendance/Truancy Policy

Change in School Assignment Form

Code of Conduct

Educational Enhancement Form

Enrollment Age Requirements

Enrollment form � English versions

Enrollment form � Spanish versions

Home Hospital Application

Home Visit Safety Video

Homeschool Intent Form

Immunization Requirements (redirect to school health page)

No Pass No Drive

Non-Resident Enrollments

NTI (redirect to home page link)

Parent Portal (redirect to home page link)

Power of Attorney Form

School Start/End times

School Weather Delay Policy

Student Insurance Application