CSEPP: The Emergency Management Agency and Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program

Last Updated: 6/16/2020 5:24 PM

It is only natural to want to get your child from school during an emergency. However, doing so could put your child and yourself at greater risk for harm. Following recommended plans and instructions will decrease your risk of harm in an emergency. DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL to get your child during a community emergency.



Madison County EMA/CSEPP continues working in partnership with Madison County Schools to update and exercise all emergency plans and procedures to provide the best possible safety for students, faculty, and staff. Each year schools conduct various safety drills to stay prepared for emergencies. Each year all Madison County Schools participate in the CSEPP annual exercise and evaluation. Additional emergency capabilities have been implemented at specific schools.



Educate yourself—as parents and/or guardians, you play an invaluable role in helping the schools keep your children safe.

KNOW YOUR ZONE: this will determine what action you will be instructed to take in an emergency.

  • Make an emergency plan for your family and then talk to your child or children about what each of you will do if an emergency happens during school/work hours.
  • Practice following your family’s emergency plan.
  • Have an emergency kit ready with supplies to last 72 hours.



Talk with your school principal.

Contact the Madison County EMA/CSEPP at 859-624-4787 with questions about emergency preparedness.

Refer to the Emergency Preparedness calendar sent to every Madison County resident from EMA/CSEPP.


Are you prepared? Our organization is here to help you answer that question.


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