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Update on extra-curricular activities:


Students choosing the Independent Distance Learning Model (Option 3) will now be able to participate in extra-curricular activities if they meet the eligibility requirements. All KHSAA regulated sports and sport activities along with many other student organizations have enrollment and academic progress regulations that must be met prior to and during student participation. We have now received guidance from each governing body that our Independent Distance Learning Model is acceptable under certain conditions and our principals have assured me that each school is able to build a system to monitor compliance. Therefore, students choosing Independent Distance Learning will be able to participate in extra-curricular activities provided that the student submits their classwork each week and continues to maintain acceptable academic progress. Students who fall behind or delay work submission under the Independent Distance Learning Model would lose the privilege of extra-curricular participation.

Each school will have details to share with students/parents in the coming weeks on how that academic progress will be quantified. If you desired to enroll your student in Independent Distance Learning but chose another model for the purpose of extra-curricular participation you are welcome to reverse that decision. If you would like to change from your current instructional delivery model to Independent Distance Learning please email your building principal and indicate that desire.


Email addresses are below:


Boonesborough Elementary: shelly.boulden@madison.kyschools.us

Daniel Boone Elementary: bel.riley@madison.kyschools.us

Glenn Marshall Elementary: jill.whitaker@madison.kyschools.us

Kingston Elementary: jeff.mounts@madison.kyschools.us

Kit Carson Elementary: jane.anderson@madison.kyschools.us

Kirksville Elementary: starla.browne@madison.kyschools.us

Shannon Johnson Elementary: glenna.carter@madison.kyschools.us

Silver Creek Elementary: amanda.heaton@madison.kyschools.us

Waco Elementary: venessa.worley2@madison.kyschools.us

White Hall Elementary: monica.reynolds@madison.kyschools.us

Madison Kindergarten Academy: jennifer.martin@madison.kyschools.us


B. Michael Caudill Middle School: che.haselwood@madison.kyschools.us

Clark Moores Middle School: eddie.sexton@madison.kyschools.us

Farristown Middle School: angie.alexander@madison.kyschools.us

Foley Middle School: lora.hardy@madison.kyschools.us

Madison Middle School: amie.gallion@madison.kyschools.us


Madison Central High School: brandon.fritz@madison.kyschools.us

Madison Southern High School: james.ray@madison.kyschools.us

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