FAQ about the Return to In-Person School for Option 1 Learners

Frequently Asked Questions about the Return to IN-PERSON (i.e., OPTION 1 Learners) School on Monday (28 September).

* Who will attend on Monday/Wednesday? IN-PERSON students whose last names begins with A-K.

* Who will attend on Tuesday/Thursday? IN-PERSON students whose last name begins with L-Z.

* What will students do on Friday? Students will participate in learning from their homes (i.e., virtually) as students have done up to this point. Teachers will give students specific guidance.

* Do students who return have to be in dress code? Yes. You can find a copy of the BMCMS dress code on our FB site and/or website.

* Do students have to wear masks while in school (even if students are social distanced)? Yes. Masks may be:
-----> Plain, solid color cloth mask with no writing or logos.
-----> Multicolor mask w/ patterns (polka dots, stripes, etc.)
-----> NO images on masks
-----> A surgical (or medical) mask.
-----> An approved BMCMS mask

* May students bring cinch sacs/backpacks? Yes.

* May students bring school supplies. Yes. HOWEVER, students should limit supplies on DAY 1 to the minimum (i.e., pencil/pen, notebook, water bottle, etc.) and wait for teachers to give specific guidance.

* May students bring water bottles? Yes. All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle.

* May students bring their Chromebook and/or devices? Yes. Students may bring and use their Chromebook and/or devices to IN-PERSON learning.

* Will students use lockers? No. Students will store personal items in the classroom.

* May students bring their lunch? Yes.

* Where will students eat breakfast? Students will eat breakfast in their respective classrooms?

* Where will students eat lunch? Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Students will be social distanced and will be facing the same way.

* Will students get "mask breaks?" Yes. Teachers will take students outside and students, social distanced, will be able to take off their masks.

* May students bring their phones? Yes. Students will store phones in their respective classrooms in a "phone caddy."

** Please contact the office and/or email (che.haselwood@madison.kyschools.us) if you have additional questions/concerns.

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