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Foley Middle School’s 7th grade Installation Art

After reading about contemporary South Korean artist Do Ho Suh and his installation works of art a group of students from Mrs. Weiner’s class wanted to create their own installation for the school. This conceptual form of artwork is site based and often used to make a statement. To prepare for the installation the students spent weeks researching inspiration quotes about literacy and positive impacts.

They wanted to focus on literacy in education. Blueprint after blueprint was created to determine the best method to create the installation. It was important for them that the viewers were able to have contact with the work and be allowed to touch or walk through it.

The group wanted something that could hang from the ceiling. They created bookmarks using a color scheme of pink, yellow-orange, and orange, since they had to decide what would make a statement and at the same time not be too chaotic. By braiding together cream colored yarn in a symbolic manner of “tying” it all together they attached these bookmarks to the braids that would be hanging down from the ceiling. A bulletin board plastered with quotes provided a backdrop. 
Students and teachers walking down the hallway would walk through the braids and stop to read individual bookmarks or quotes on the board. 
Students involved included Courtney Baktis, Cooper Ballinger, Alyssa Bolin, Rebecca Bolin, Emily Colwell, Julianna Gilliam, Levi Howard, Zach Howard, Lucas Julian, Brooke Kofoid, Trey Livingood, Taylor Maness, Morgan Swope, Abigail Williams, and Joshua Williams.

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