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Foley Middle School Students Attend Anti Bullying Program

Todd Moberly, Foley Middle School Gear Up Coordinator, arranged for Detective Leann Boyle from the Berea Police Department to speak to the student body about Anti Bullying. Mr. Moberly’s GEAR UP Student Leadership Team had discussed how bullying was an issue with schools today and how there needed to be an awareness of its seriousness.

Detective Boyle discussed computer safety, cellphone sexting and cyber bullying with all three grades at Foley. While discussing computer safety she pointed out several important tips for the students:
1)never give personal information to anyone online
2) never meet up with anyone you don’t know
3) make sure you know everyone on your buddy list
4) don’t fill out “fun” questionnaires that are sent to you
5) there is no such thing as “private” in the internet world
6) don’t answer emails or messages from people you do not know
7) be careful about posting pictures of yourself
8) don’t send pictures of other people
9) don’t download content without parents approval, and
10) never share your password with anyone but your parents.

When asked who owned a cell phone, a majority of the students raised their hands. When asked how many of them text message, a majority of the students raised their hands. Since texting has become popular with teens, passing on personal information or photos has become an issue. Detective Boyle explained how certain images and messages sent can be a crime.

Students from the GEAR UP Leadership Team shared stories of cyber bullying and bullying in general. Here are 10 tips on preventing cyber bullying:
1) don’t send or post hateful messages about others
2) don’t encourage anyone to use the internet to bully anyone
3) if you can’t say anything nice about someone in an email, chat room or online, don’t say anything at all
4) if you know of someone being bullied tell a teacher, tell a parent, tell someone
5) follow family rules about online behavior
6) follow school rules about online behavior
7) don’t use obscene language online
8) don’t post embarrassing photos or videos online
9)don’t send messages that threaten a person, and
10)if you receive a threatening or harassing message, tell someone, especially a teacher or a parent.

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