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Our hours are 7:40-3:15 daily. 

In order to maintain social distancing and keep everyone in our Panther Family safe and healthy, Mr. Hatfield asks students to use Destiny Discover to browse books in class or at home.  Once you find a book that you want, email him and he will have it checked out and ready for pick up the next school day.


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Did you know that the Madison County Public Library offers ebooks, audio books and movies?  Apply for your library card and start checking out these great titles.

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Late Fee Policy


Libraries do not charge late fees to make money, but to teach students responsibility.  However, there are other ways to do this than to charge a late fee.  Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, the Madison Middle Library will no longer charge fines for late books.  Instead, student may choose to repay their fines in three different ways.


1.  Read Away:  Fines can be repaid by coming into the library and reading.  30 minutes of reading will repay 50 cents in fines.


2.  Food for Fines:  Bring in a can of food for the Madison Middle School Food bank, and repay your fines while helping the less fortunate in our community.  One can of food will repay $1.00 in fines.


3.  Clothing Bank Donations:  Bring in your unused or old dress code clothing for donation to the Madison Middle School Clothing Closet.  Each article of clothing will repay $5.00 in fines.


This does not waive fines for books that were borrowed from other schools.  


Please see Mr. Hatfield if you have any questions.

How to use Destiny Discover.

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Library COVID Procedures

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Mr. Hatfield has been the library media specialist at Madison Middle School since 2015.  He has taught in middle school classrooms since 2001.  His hobbies include reading (of course), traveling, and playing with his dogs.


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say "Hi", you can email him at