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  • unit 8 test

    students will solve various problems using ratio and proportions

  • ch 5 segments of a triangle

    test covers the points of concurrency and the various segments inside a triangle

  • midterm exam
  • practice ACT
    we will go to computer lab to take a practice ACT
  • unit 4 test

    test over triangles (sum of interior angles & exterior angle theorem), congruent triangles, and proving congruent triangles

  • Unit 7 Test

    students will aplly the various transformation rules to identify the changes made (translation, reflection, rotations, and glide reflection)

  • UNIT 2 test

    test over logic, reasoning, and proof

  • unit 3 test

    parallel/perpendicular lines and angles that are formed thursday

  • unit 6 test

    test over the definitions and properties of parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, squares, trapezoids, and kites

  • PLAN exam

    the PLAN exam will be given in september

  • PLAN review Test

    we will take a sample PLAN test to prepare us for upcoming exam or ACT on Friday 8/16

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