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Unit 1: Sentences

 Great resource to practice reading, language arts, and spelling.

4 Types of Sentence:
1.  Declarative: tells something
2.  Interrogative: asks something
3.  Imperative: gives an order
4. Exclamatory: expresses strong feeling

Simple Sentence:  Contains a subject and verb (a complete thought)
Example:  Some students enjoy working in the mornings.

Compound Sentence:  Two independent clauses joined by a conjunction
FANBOYS:  for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
Conjunctions preceded by a comma
Example:  I tried to speak English, and my friend tried to speak French.
Complex Sentence:  Has an independent clause joined by one more dependent clauses. (always has one of the following words:  because, since, after, although, when, that, who awhich)                                                                                                     

Independent Clause: can stand alone
Dependent Clause: Cannot stand alone
REVIEW (Types of Sentence, Simple Sentence, Compound Sentence, Complex Sentence, Independent Clause, Dependent Clause)