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 We are beginning Unit 2 (Estimation and Computation).  The focus of this unit is addition, subtraction, and multiplication, along with estimating all three operations to the nearest place value. Your child will need to master the traditional algorithm (procedure) to add, subtract, and multiply big numbers. Please be patient if your child has already learned a different method, but please understand that as a fifth grader, your child needs to understand the traditional algorithm before moving on to middle school.  One way for everyone to get better at computation is to do flashcards every night!!

Vocabulary terms for this unit include:
  • estimate
  • magnitude estimate
  • operation symbol
  • relation symbol
  • algorithm
  • addend
  • sum
  • column-addition method
  • partial-sums method of addition
  • partial-differences method of subtraction
  • trade-first method of subtraction
  • subtrahend
  • difference
  • partial-products method of multiplication
  • lattice method of multiplication
Vocabulary terms that will be reviewed in this unit include:
  • factor
  • product
  • digit
  • expanded notation
  • place value
  • value
  • impossible
  • unlikely
  • equally likely
  • likely
  • certain
  • landmarks
  • maximum
  • minimum
  • range
  • mode
  • mean (average)
  • median
In order to help our estimation skills, we must first be good at rounding numbers. Here are some Rounding Flashcards in order to get better at rounding! As you improve, be sure to challenge yourself by increasing the place value as high as the 10,000,000s.
Other rounding games include:
In order to improve your fluency in all operations of math, play Math Mayhem. Choose any operation you wish and compete against others to get the highest score of the day.
Other computation games include: