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We will begin Unit 3 (Geometry).  We will focus on lines, angles, and triangles. Because this curriculum spirals, we will also review place value and computation practices within this unit.
Vocabulary Terms for this unit include:
  • acute
  • adjacent
  • arc
  • census
  • congruent
  • diameter
  • equilateral
  • isosceles
  • obtuse
  • pentagon
  • perimeter
  • radius
  • reflex
  • regular polygon
  • regular tessellation
  • right angle
  • scalene
  • straight angle
  • tessellate
  • tessellation
  • vertical 
1. If you need help determining angle measures, check out this site: Example Angle Measures from HomeSchoolMath.com
2. Here is a website with steps on how to classify triangles: Classifying Triangles
Other Helpful Websites to help with Geometry:
Shape fill- practice recognizing shapes and angles while trying to fill in the puzzle! 
In order to practice with translations, reflections, and rotations, check out this Wrapping Paper Activity.
Feed Billy Bug by guiding him to his food based on a coordinate plane.
Practice identifying your 2-D shapes by playing Quad Squad.
Use A Maths Dictionary For Kids to help you define the geometry words in your dictionary.
Practice Geometry Terms... How fast can you name all these flashcards? Hidden Pictures Game
Practice different geometric skills and complete a quiz at the end of each activity... KS2 Bitesize
Play Banana Hunt and search for bananas as you create angles at specified degrees!
Still not sure about Symmetry? Check out This Video to help explain it better!
Complete and Create patterns based on lines of symmetry Here!
We have touched on PROBABILITY and will continue to do a few problems every now and then. Here are some websites to continue practice with probability:
Find the probability of catching a fish in Fish Tank.
Still not sure where to start with probability? Start Here!
In order to prepare for our big testing week in May, take this practice test!!!   Most of the questions you will be able to do in your head. However, if you need a calculator, go to the start menu, click on accessories, and pick the calculator from that menu. Be sure to read each question carefully!