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4th period


Bellringer: What do you want to change about yourself?

Class: We assessed our health using the health assessment worksheet and created a behavior change we want to make before the end of the health term.


Bellringer: Why do you think it's important to learn about the different body systems?

Class: We went over the 4 types of bone, the 3 main functions of bone, and labeled a skeleton with the common and proper names. The skeleton handout can be found in the handouts section of the main health page.


Bellringer: None (I was absent)

Class: Filled out notes in class over respiratory system, those can be found in the power point section of the main health page, and completed an article on asthma, which can be found in the handouts section of the main health page.


Bellringer: List the parts of the respiratory system

Class: Played a review game over skeletal system, reviewed the respiratory system notes, created our own skeletons out of paper and labeled them and filled in a blank body diagram with the parts of the respiratory system.


Bellringer: List the parts of the digestive system

Class: We watched a Magic School Bus episode on the digestive system and filled in notes and labeled a digestive system diagram


Bellringer: Where, in the digestive system, are nutrients absorbed?

Class: Took a quiz over the body systems.


Bellringer: Do you think boys and girls should be split up when teaching about reproductive systems?

Class: Started our reproductive systems/STD unit. Went over the anatomy of the male reproductive system


Bellringer: What is the name of the male and female sex hormone?

Class: Finished male and female reproductive system anatomy. Diagrams and notes can be found on the main health page under handoutts and power points.


Bellringer: What does fertilization mean? Where does it typically occur in the female reproductive system?

Class: Brainstormed ideas about the Sperm Tale stories


Bellringer: What is the job of the ovaries?

Class: Went to computer lab to type Sperm Tale stories


Bellringer: What is the role of the uterus?

Class: Went to computer lab to work on Sperm Tale stories


Bellringer: Which STD would you consider to be the worst?

Class: Turned in Sperm Tales and started notes on STDs


Bellringer: None

Class: Research consequences of teens having STDs and getting pregnant. Wrote a script about what you would say to someone you loved if you had an STD and how you would react if someone you loved told you they had an STD


Bellringer: What are the symptoms of HPV?

Class: Finished discussing various STDs


Bellringer: Why is HIV so deadly?

Class: Took notes over HIV/AIDS


Bellringer: What are the 3 requirements to be diagnosed with AIDS

Class: Reviewed with partners with our flash cards, completed an HIV writing assignment, took a quiz over STDs.