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Digital Music

In our media-saturated environment, we need all sorts sounds to include in our presentations or for students to use in their creations of projects.  Need sound effects to dazzle your audience, use the following links in podcast, class play, power points, or digital storytelling, use these either to create your own music or search music that is out there ready to use.

Music Creation and Search Sites

Myna - http://www.aviary.com/tools/myna
Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips.  This is very similar to Garageband and a nice alternative for those who do not have the Apple application.

Soundation  - http://www.soundation.co
Soundation Studio is a powerful tool for creating music online.  Very easy to use, with a drag/drop interface for creating excellent-sounding music. Can be a little scary for new users so check out learn Soundation http://www.soundation.com/learn

Jam Studio- http://www.jamstudio.com/Studio/index.htm  
Fun site!  Has help videos on YouTube.  This site lets users select a "key" to play in and a theme to match.

Loops Labs - http://www.looplabs.com/
Nice time- line editor; learning curve is a bit higher than most sites, but is great for music mixing

Creating Music http://www.creatingmusic.com/
 Very user friendly website shows kids how to create digital music,  It is a place for kids to compose music, play musical performance and music games and puzzles..

iNudge-  http://www.inudge.net/index.en.html
Fun site for kids, who can make music by drawing shapes.

Glitchscape- http://www.glitchscape.com/
Create sound by drawing vector shaped rectangles.

Find Sounds www.findsounds.com     
This site serves as a search engine to more than 1  million sounds effects and instrument sounds found on the web. 

Freeplay Music www.freeplaymusic.com
This is the place to go if you need free, copyright-cleared, quality music for any presentation.


Exploring with Music:

Interactive Guitar http://monxmood.free.fr/guitar/guitar2.html
Play notes and chords online  (K-12)

Interactive Guitar Chords http://www.chordbook.com/guitarchords.php
Play notes and chords online  (K-12)

 Online Video Piano Lessons http://www.pianonanny.com/1.html

Global Groovin http://pbskids.org/mayaandmiguel/english/games/globalgroovin/game.html   
Mixing music using sounds from instruments from all over the world (K-6)

Hand Symphony http://handsonlycpr.org/symphony/?id=214b  
This activity, sponsored by the American Heart Association, allows students to experiment with looped, rhythmic hand clapping, snapping and rubbing pattern combinations for Dance, Hip-hop, and Latin musical styles. Applications can include student arranging and rhythmic dictation (K-12)

Incredibox http://www.incredibox.fr/
Create your own interactive beats and rhythms  (K-12)

The Music House Sounds http://ngfl.northumberland.gov.uk/music/music.swf
Four part interactive activity; Learn names of percussion instruments, match sound to an instrument, listen and copy a rhythm, recognize the instrument that is not playing  (K-3)

Kidtastic Music Center http://www.kidtastic.com/city/musiccenter/musiccenter.html
Learn about and listen to instruments, play virtual instruments, and sing-a-long songs  (K-6)

Instrument Families http://www.empire.k12.ca.us/capistrano/Mike/capmusic/instruments/instruments.htm
Learn about the instrument families and hear their sounds  (K-12)


Resources for Teachers

Music Quizzes, Games, Practice Pianos and Help pages http://www.musictechteacher.com/musicquizzes.htm
Four part interactive activity; Learn names of percussion instruments, match sound to an instrument, listen and copy a rhythm, recognize the instrument that is not playing  (K-3)

This Day in Music History http://datadragon.com/day/
Who's birthday is it, Broadway shows, and who was topping the charts  (7-12)

Music resource sites: http://www.hickorytech.net/~cshirk/k-12music/
massive list…….resources for band, choral, vocal/choral teachers, orchestra, and sites for classroom music teachers



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