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Dodge Ball Alternatives

Knights In The Kingdom

Divide the gymnasium into four areas, quadrants, or quarters. In the middle of each "kingdom" is a hoop with a twenty eight inch cone placed inside and a ball/jewel sitting on top of the castle/cone. The object of the game is to have zero as your score at the end of the game. Each kingdom begins with three soft balls. On teacher's signal each kingdom goes against the others to knock their jewel off of the castle. If the jewel is knocked off that team receives a point. POINTS ARE BAD in this game and the lower the score the better. Any number of knights can guard the castle but the knights cannot leave the kingdom and no one can step inside the moat/hoop to block a cannonball from hitting the jewel off the castle. 




Objectives - Overhand throw, Teamwork, Cooperation


Equipment - Balls, Solid Cones, Hula Hoops

Presentation - Castles is a game that allows players to guard their own kingdom. Within each kingdom each team has three solid castles and two geodesic castles they may protect anyway they can. The students are divided into two equal teams. Each team has to stay on their own side of the gymnasium and cannot cross the center line into the other teams side / kingdom. The three solid castles must be a  minimum of two stories high. The solid castles and the three geodesic castles can be placed anywhere on the baseline the team decides, and once placed cannot be moved. The knights (students) defend their castles and can also catapault (throw) the rocks (balls) across the gymnasium at the other kingdoms castles. If a solid castle gets knocked over TOTALLY  IT CANNOT be rebuilt and must stay down. If a solid castle is partially knocked down it may be rebuilt by any knight or number of knights. A geodesic castle may be knocked over and rebuilt as many times as possible as long as a solid castle is standing. If no solid castle is standing then no other castle may be rebuilt. When one teams castles are destroyed totally game is over.

Pin Bingo

Place twenty polyspots on each of the two baselines. Divide students into two groups each stays on there own side of the gymnasium. Students roll nerf balls across the gymnasium and try and knock down the other teams’ pins. If a pin is knocked over a student from the team that knocked it over can go across the midline and carry the pin which was knocked down to their side and set it on any open polyspot there is. When all open spots are filled then that group yells "Bingo."