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Three Sources of Calories

The Three Sources of Calories

Yes, there is only THREE!


1.  Carbohydrates are our body's first source of energy-Our body uses theses calories first and has a preference (or a "like") for this form of calories.

2.  Carbohydrates have 4 calories for every gram.

3.  Not all carbohydrates are the same!  There are "good" or healthy carbohydrates, and then there are "not so good" or in the middle carbohydrates, and then there are "poor" or the "bad" carbohydrates.

These are examples of the "good" carbohydrates:  vegetables, whole grains, fresh, whole fruit with the peelings!  The reason these are better carbohydrates is that they contain carbohydrates in the form of FIBER-which we must have on a daily basis
These are examples of the "middle" level carbohydrates-better known as "startchy" foods:  white bread, white rice, most boxed cereals, white potatoes, white pasta or macaroni, biscuits, rolls-basically, "if it is white, it's not right" to eat much of it!   Wheat nor any other whole grain will ever be "white"!  These processed foods contain wheat or grains that have been bleached!!!  Even though the foods in this class are carbohydrates-do not be confused-our bodies are not-we use "startches" as simple sugar-or table sugar! 

These are examples of simple sugars and should be avoided or only consumed in very small quantities:  candy bars, ice cream, candy in any form, sodas of any type (diet is worse than regular!!!), cakes, brownies, cookies....  All of these are the "BAD GUYS" and should be very limited! 
*These "bad boys", as well as artificial sweetners, are the root of Type II Diabetes!  See the page "Type II Diabetes:  The Insulin Roller Coaster!"-we learn in this lesson how Type II Diabetes is triggered.


1.  Always remember "Fat is our FRIEND"!  For many years, there was "hype" about cutting almost all fat from our diets-and that is just about one of the worst things we can do for our health and maintaining a healthy weight!
2.  Fats are our body's second preferred source of energy!
3.  Fats are a very CONCENTRATED source of energy!
4.  Fats have 9.9 calories per gram!
5.  Fats are necessary for breaking down and using, as well as storing our fat soluble vitamins!
6.  Fats, like carbohydrates, have "good" sources and "bad" sources!
7.  The good sources of Fats are:  fish oils, olive oils, 
8.  The bad sources of Fats are:  Any corn oil fats, fats that are in or on meats, deep fat fried foods.


1.  Protein has very specific functions in our body!  Protein is needed to build and repair muscle and other connective tissue.
2.  Protein has 4 calories per gram.