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 In 5th grade, there are 3 basic goals to master.  They are:

  • Solve numerical problems using order of operations (including those involving parenthesis or brackets)
  • Write expressions that match a given phrase or word problem
  • Create and compare two graphs that correspond with two given rules
While this may sound confusing now, by the end of the unit, you will be a pro!

Lesson 1:  To begin our algebra unit, go to this Math is Fun page and read through the lesson and examples.  When you finish, go through the eight example problems at the bottom of the page.

Lesson 2: To learn how to write equations, go to this lesson and click through the 4 steps.
Before we write algebraic expressions for various word problems in our workbooks, play the Algebraic Expression Millionaire Game to practice.

Lesson 3:  Familiarize yourself with the Coordinate Plane and the vocabulary that goes with it by going to this lesson and clicking through the 4 steps.  Pay particular attention to the following vocabulary:
  • coordinate plane
  • x-axis
  • y-axis
  • origin
  • Quadrant I, II, III, and IV
  • ordered pair
  • x-coordinate
  • y-coordinate

Apply your new skills in this Basketball Coordinate Plane Game
And then feed Billy Bug in his own game here
Too easy?  Try feeding Billy Bug in the harder version here
Need more practice?  Try to Catch the Fly in this game

Lesson 4:  Solve functions with multiple inputs by completing a function table (x/y chart, input/output table, "What's My Rule? Table")
The following websites have lessons and examples to read through followed by some practice questions:
Review order of operations here
Review algebraic expressions here
Practice algebraic equations here
Review function tables (input/output tables) here (click on the link at the bottom of this page for practice questions!)