Back To School

colored pencils writing back to school night


As the summer closes and shopping begins for school supplies and adopting earlier bedtimes, the back-to-school night is an essential beginning of the new school year. Your child’s teacher may explain the goals of the class. Teachers share information about themselves, their teaching style, and how they grade. At back-to-school night a parent will find out what supplies your child will need for the year.

Schools will often start with a casual meeting in the gymnasium with a brief welcome by the principal. Then parents separate to visit their child’s classroom.

Four Steps to a Successful Back-to-School Night 


Five vital information points to take away from the back-to-school night. 


Ten Questions to ask at back-to-school night. 

1. Find out the drop-off and pick-up policies.

2. Bring a pen and paper to take notes.

3. Don’t ask specific questions about your child; make an appointment to talk one-on-one. Ask about curriculum, field trips or grades.
4. Sign up on committees to volunteer.

1. An overview of your child’s school day fo visit lunch or volunteer.
2. Knowledge of how the classroom look set-up details.
3. What it’s like to sit in your child’s seat.
4. Find out about homework and discipline policies.
5. How and what is the best way to contact your child's teacher.

1. What is the policy on late work and make-up work? How does it affect the student’s grade?
2. How do absences affect the grade?
3. How do I teach my son or daughter to gain independence in middle school?
4. How can I check on my son’s or daughter’s progress in school? Do you give weekly progress reports?
5. How do I know what the homework is? Is there an online homework calendar?
6. Should I call or email the teacher?
7. Are there field trips?
8. How can I check on detentions or behavior issues?
9. Is there anything you’d like me to do?
10. May I volunteer in the classroom?