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Last Updated: 1/10/2020 5:10 PM

Anytime your child misses school, you must turn in an excuse for the absence to be excused.  This includes arriving late to school (check-ins), leaving school early (check outs) and full day absences.  Check-ins and check-outs may be considered tardies and will show on the report card.  

Encourage your child to turn in their excuse within 3 days of returning to school.

Excuses may include doctor's notes and parent notes.

Each student is allowed four parent notes per semester.

1st Semester: August-December  2nd Semester: January - May.

Parent notes do not carry over 1 Note=1 Day



Mrs. Tammy Lyons, Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Tammy Lyons, Attendance Clerk


Phone: (859) 625-6140 Ext. 4647