• Tracks for packs logo Madison County Schools, God's Outreach Food Pantry in Madison County and several area churches have partnered to provide food to children on weekends while school is in session. The Madison Backpack Program is sponsored by God's Outreach Food Pantry and food is distributed to students by the Family Resource/Youth Service Centers in Madison County Schools.

    Most of the food distributed through the Madison Backpack Program are things that children can fix or handle themselves, such as granola bars, packages of raisins and other snacks. Canned items such as soups, vegetables and pre-packed items like macaroni and cheese are also available.

    Children sign up for the backpack program through their Family Resource or Youth Service center at their school.

    If you are interested in your child participating in the Madison Backpack Program, please contact your Family Resource/Youth Service Center.

    If you are interested in donating to the Madison Backpack Program, please visit God's Outreach Food Pantry.

    Tracks for Packs 5K is a community event that takes place in the fall to help raise funds for the Madison Backpack Program. For more information, please visit the Tracks for Packs Facebook page. The 5K run/walk event is open for public participation. There are also opportunities for sponsorships and other donations to the event to benefit the Madison Backpack Program.