Title Kindergarten


  • Math Game Count the bananas with the monkey. (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Underwater Counting (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Play the  Counting Train by placing the correct number in the cars. (Leaving MCS website) Math Game:  Help feed the critters by counting out the apples needed. (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Ten Frame (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Match the dots on the nest with the correct number on the eggs. (Leaving MCS website) Math Game with placing parts of the caterpillar in order. (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Penguin Party Addition  (Leaving MCS website) Math Game: Whack a Mole (Leaving MCS website)  Math Game: Place the body of the Chinese dragon in correct order. (Leaving MCS website)


Reading Letters:

  • Reading Game:  Starfall ABC  Reading Game: Place the correct goldfish to the correct letter. (Leaving MCS website)   Reading Game: Match the animal to the correct alpha train cart. (Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game: Place the letters back in order. (Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game: Alphabet Bubble Match (Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game: Match the picture to the correct letter  (Leaving MCS website) Reading Games:  Easel Letter Sounds

Reading: Words

  • Reading:  Learn to read with starfall games and books. (Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game: Help the eggs hatch with the correct word. (Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game: Hanging Monkeys word recognition.(Leaving MCS website)  Reading Game:  Catch the falling letters and spell the Words. (Leaving MCS website)   Reading Game: Road to Reading for K-1st grade.