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Returning Substitute Required Trainings


Thank you for your service as a substitute for Madison County Schools. If you would like to continue subbing in the 2024-2025 school year, please complete the required video in Part 1 and the Google form in Part 2 below. Viewing of all 11 short videos is required before you are able to complete part 2.



Please click the blue link to watch the video.

  1. Restraint & Seclusion

  2. How To Use an EpiPen

  3. Bloodborne Pathogens in Schools - Revised 2018

  4. De-Escalation Strategies

  5. Confidentiality / FERPA

  6. Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse in School

  7. Active Shooter Training

  8. Policy & Procedures (All Employees)

  9. Youth Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Postvention

  10. Choking Video

  11. AED Training


Part 2

When you have finished, please complete the form certifying that you watched each video in its entirety.