• Attendance Policy


    We at Kirksville Elementary want to ensure our students have the best education possible, and that begins when they come through our doors each morning. Good attendance habits will not only benefit students now academically, but also in their future careers, so please send your student(s) to school each day. However, as much as we want your child at school each day, we also do not want to spread illnesses within our classrooms, so if your child is sick or running a fever please keep them at home.

     The Madison County School Board Policy for Absences and Excuse Guidelines in Elementary Schools  09.123 AP.1 is as follows:

    • Four (4) parent notes accepted per semester

    • One (1) note = one (1) day

    • Note does not carry over

    • Note must be received within three (3) school days upon returning to school

    Thank you!