• Plan for Comprehensive School Improvement 2014-2015

    Shannon Johnson Elementary School

    Madison County

    Glenna Carter

    Principal 109 Oakwood Drive Berea, KY 40403


    Goals Summary

    Goal 1: Increase the averaged combined reading and math K-Prep scores for Shannon Johnson Elementary school students from 55.6% in 2014 to 61.2% in 2015.

    Goal 2: Increase the average combined reading and math proficiency ratings for all students in the non-duplicated gap group from 38.6% in 2014 to 55.3% in 2015.

    Goal 3: All kindergarten students at Shannon Johnson Elementary are screened for kindergarten readiness.

    Goal 4: PGES Goal: Increase the percentage of effective teachers from _____% in 2015 to _____% in 2020. Increase the percentage of effective principals from _____% in 2015 to _____% in 2020.

    Activity Summary by Funding Source

    Copy upon request on file at school.