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Guidance Counselor / Guidance Specialist

CLASS TITLE: Guidance Counselor / Guidance Specialist

REPORTS TO: School Principal


APPROVED: January 14, 2016- Order #2016-1720

Provides a functional, comprehensive program of direct services for all children utilizing the expertise gained through professional training in the areas of school counseling, school social work or school psychology. These services will emphasize counseling children; consultation with teachers, parents and other significant adults; and coordinating a variety of activities and functions related to the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of students.



  • Counsels children, individually and in small groups, concerning a variety of developmental tasks and problems.
  • Provides prevention programs through classroom guidance activities
  • Consults with teachers and parents about children’s needs, concerns and academic issues.
  • Collaborates with school staff and community representatives in assessing student needs and utilizes the data to plan and evaluate the guidance program.
  • Coordinates with faculty, parents, attendance personnel and District Court to correct the attendance problems of truant students
  • Provides home visits as needed to assess family circumstances and make needed referrals to community resources for problems interfering with the child’s academic progress, social, emotional or physical development.
  • Serves as a resource person on the Special Education Admissions and Release Committee when appropriate.
  • Refers students to the proper authorities for child abuse or neglect when suspicion exists and provides support services to those children as needed.
  • Assists or serves as the coordinator of testing and interprets test data to teachers and parents as needed.
  • Consults with teachers in planning and providing classroom guidance activities.
  • Assists new students with orientation and acclamation to their new school environment.
  • Selects and purchases program materials and manages their budget allocation.
  • Selects and attends professional development as required by the State and District.
  • Maintains regular attendance.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.




  • Principles, methods, techniques, strategies, and trends in educational, vocational, career, social, and emotional adjustment counseling;
  • Applicable and appropriate aptitude, interest, and achievement appraisal instruments, techniques, and procedures;
  • Social service and youth service agencies in the local area;
  • Social, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of adolescent students;  Program evaluation and research techniques, strategies, and procedures;
  • Appropriate curriculum and instructional programs pertaining to students with a variety of aptitudes and varying interests.


  • Assist students in effectively analyzing and developing alternative solutions to behavioral, educational, social, and emotional problems and concerns;
  • Conduct, analyze, and effectively utilize a variety of individual and group testing procedures and instruments applicable to student clients;
  • Effectively deal with site and District personnel, parents, social and youth service agencies in resolving student problems and concerns;
  • Effectively participate in the planning and implementation of school guidance and curricular programs;
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written form, and as required by the assignment utilize a second language;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions with minimal accountability controls;
  • Establish and maintain effective organizational, public, and community relationships.


  • Work is performed while standing, sitting and/or walking
  • Requires the ability to communicate effectively using speech, vision and hearing
  • Requires the use of hands for simple grasping and fine manipulations
  • Requires bending, squatting, crawling, climbing, reaching
  • Requires the ability to lift, carry, push or pull light weights

Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a person with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job.


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Master’s Degree in School Counseling, Social Work or School Psychology



School Counseling Certification, School Social Work Certification or School Psychology Certification is required.