Edgenuity: Helpful Tips and Tidbits

Last Updated: 9/30/2020 3:17 PM

Edgenuity LogoIf a student has an online class on Edgenuity, one of the following individuals will be assisting with passwords and usernames:   These people will be in-charge of unlocks and resets.   A student should set a goal of getting 6-10% each week.  By the end of the semester 100% of the class should be complete.  New courses or the second half will be added after Christmas. 


Most of the time, a student has two attempts at every quiz and test.  (Note:  CTE course may only have 1 attempt set by the program)  

You will need an unlock to proceed if you fail twice.  After the third try you will be given the average and the instructor will move you on.  Students should take notes while watching the videos.    E-Mail if you need a retake before an Edgenuity supervisor has unlocked you.  Remember your instructor may not keep the same late hours you do.  

Classes are enrolled by semester - try to complete the 1st semester work by Christmas Break or before we return from break.  The 2nd Semester will be enrolled during the Christmas Break.    Students should work on all 6 classes not one at a time.   Students strive to have 100% completed at the end of the semester. Roughly that is about 10% per week per class.

All students should have 6 credits - if on option 3
Option 2 students will at least have 2 classes on Edgenuity unless they special circumstances.
Option 1 students will have 6 credits counting the Edgenuity class and  MSHS classes on their schedule.  

Parents should receive a Family login to monitor student progress and login times.  If you have not received a Family login, e-mail one of the supervisor's above.   Guardians should also be receiving e-mails noting a student's progress. 


While most of the content on Edgenuity is through videos, quizzes, and online link, some courses require textbooks and/or software.  

Required Textbooks for AP Courses:  PDF

Note:  The editions may be different, but the content should be relatively the same. 

Required Software:



AP Government

AP World History

AP US History

AP Biology