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MCS Program Spotlight -- ELL

Madison County Schools is proud of the many services we are able to provide students and their families. Some of them are logistic services, like transportation. Some of them are more complex like services for students with special needs. All of them are necessary for the success of our students.


The English Language Learners program, formerly English Second Language, is a program that currently has five employees who work inside and outside of our schools to help students who do not speak English as their first language. The ELL program goes beyond helping students become fluent in English. The ELL staff also advocates for the families and students they work with and helps them join the community. ELL students may possess social skills in English, but might not have the same academic skills. The students can converse with peers, but may have trouble understanding lessons in the classroom. The ELL staff works to help students become fluent in both areas.  


The district’s ELL program currently serves 319 students across the district. In an effort to help serve this number of students, the ELL program hosts events for families such as a back to school night. During this time, the program provides interpreters and ELL staff assist parents in filling out the back to school paperwork for their students. 


Madison County Schools works hard to make sure the needs of every student are met, and we are proud to have such a hardworking ELL staff helping us meet these needs!


To learn more, visit the ELL page on the district’s website.